Cheap Doctor Who DVDs

Several online retailers are flogging off lots of the old Who range for around £8 at the moment. The cheapest place to go seems to be, where you can get 'em for £7.89 including postage!

Here's a full list of the 26 ones now available cheap (in transmission date order, of course!)

William Hartnell
"The Dalek Invasion of Earth"
"The Web Planet"

Patrick Troughton
"Tomb of the Cybermen"
"The Mind Robber"

Jon Pertwee
"Spearhead from Space"
"The Claws of Axos"
"The Three Doctors"
"Carnival of Monsters"
"The Green Death"

Tom Baker
"The Ark in Space"
"Genesis of the Daleks"
"Pyramids of Mars"
"The Hand of Fear"
"The Horror of Fang Rock"
"City of Death"
"The Leisure Hive"

Peter Davison
"The Visitation"
"The Five Doctors"
"Resurrection of the Daleks"

Colin Baker
"Vengeance on Varos"
"Revelation of the Daleks"

Sylvester McCoy
"Remembrance of the Daleks"
"Ghost Light"

Paul McGann
Doctor Who (the TV movie)

If you're a Who newbie, allow us to recommend "Genesis of the Daleks", "Pyramids of Mars" and "City of Death". You can't go wrong with them three.

I bought far too many of these the other day. I felt rotten last night so I curled up in bed with "The Five Doctors" (the DVD, that is, not five actual Doctors) Utter rubbish. Loved it. If you fancy joining me (in watching DVDs, not in bed) then click
here to go to the special offer page.