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All the board games going cheap on Amazon for Cyber Monday. Bloodborne, Pandemic, Exploding Kittens, Mysterium, Jumanji and more

Cyber Monday has rolled a six with these cheap Cyber Monday board game deals. As well as classics like Pandemic and Monopoly, there more more contemporary offerings like the Bloodborne card game and Jumanji. Probably not the one that transports you to a killer jungle. Not at that price. 

If you do fancy a board game then Cyber Monday is a perfect time to grab one with discounts all over the place. Like 38% off the classic disease control challenge Pandemic, or 31% off Exploding Kittens.  

Save 38% on Pandemic and get it for $24.99, saving you $15.00. Now go save the world from infectious diseases. View Deal

Save 32% on Scythe, for just $54.57. That's $25 off this alt history mech war game. View Deal

There's 31% off Exploding Kittens, now just £19.99. Save £9 on this card game about kittens and explosions. And laser beams. View Deal

Pandemic: State Of Emergency for 40% off, just $24.16. It's an updated version of the classic disease treating game that adds new obstacles and conditions to overcome.  View Deal

Codenames for 25% off. It's a Guess Who style game of espionage for $14.88 as you try and guess spy names without saying the words involved.View Deal

Save 25% on Sheriff of Nottingham, just $26.99. That's 25% off this trade and negotiation game. View Deal

Get 50% off Monopoly: Cheaters Edition, only $10.00.  Board Game Ages 8 and Up. Monopoly how it was meant to be played:  cheating all the way. View Deal

Get 40% off the Jumanji board game, at just £17.99. That's a saving of £12.00 if you want to risk the jungle. View Deal

7 Wonders is 14% off at just $38.99. Compete with your friends to build the wonders of the world and save $11.00.View Deal

Mysterium is 21% off and only only £30.49. Solve spooky murders, a bit like a ghostly Cluedo.View Deal

The Chameleon is 37% off and  just £25.99, saving you £14.99. This is a game about not being caught, where a hidden chameleon knows the secret word and other players have to expose them. It's was the UK Games Expo Best Party Game of 2017.View Deal

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