Channing Tatum still working on Gambit accent

Channing Tatum's Gambit movie might be scheduled to arrive as soon as next year, but according to the Magic Mike star, he's still trying to perfect the Cajun mutant's distinctive accent.

"It’s all being worked on at the moment," said Tatum in an interview with Digital Spy. "I’m from the south, so I know who to go to to find the accent. I haven’t found ‘the guy’ yet, because generally that’s how I do accents. I’ll find the person that I want to sound like and not just do a generic Cajun accent. So I haven’t found the guy yet."

Meanwhile, producer Reid Carolin has been discussing how the character will fit in with the rest of the X-Men universe, and has revealed that discussions are ongoing as to which other characters will be included in the spin-off…

"You know, I think that’s sort of an evolving conversation," says Carolin. "We’re kind of figuring that out as we go. But this is a standalone movie and it’s the story of Gambit and we’ll probably gradually integrate that character into the X-Men universe as we go. And as far as what characters from the X-Men universe make it into the movie — we’re not exactly sure yet, so we’re figuring it out. It’s still at the script stage." Directed by Rupert Wyatt, Gambit is scheduled to open in the US on 7 October 2016.

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