Capcom's showcase has Resident Evil 4 fans begging yet again for Separate Ways DLC

Resident Evil 4
(Image credit: Capcom)

Capcom has announced a brand new showcase, and it's got Resident Evil 4 Remake fans going berserk.

Earlier today, Capcom revealed on Twitter that a new Capcom Showcase will be premiering next week on Monday, June 12. It only took a matter of minutes for Resident Evil 4 Remake players to begin begging for the long-rumored Separate Ways DLC to finally be revealed for the horror remake.

Separate Ways has long been on the wishlists of Resident Evil 4 Remake players, and it might finally become a reality next Monday. I'm not really sure when the desperation for Separate Ways quite reached this fever pitch among fans, but we're somehow at a place where a Capcom Showcase announcement can get Separate Ways trending on Twitter in a matter of minutes.

The rumored DLC has sort of garnered a cult following among Resident Evil 4 fans. It's easy to forget it wasn't actually present in the original Capcom game, and was only implemented in the survival horror game after the GameCube version had been released. 

It's a pretty meaty add-on though, giving Ada Wong her own four-hour side adventure in tandem with the main events of Resident Evil 4. It'll also be interesting to see if Capcom makes any significant changes to Separate Ways in Resident Evil 4 Remake from its original version (if it's actually real and all).

Considering Ada Wong actor Lily Gao has been the subject of sustained harassment from players over her performance in Capcom's remake, it'd be really nice for her character to get a moment to shine in the spotlight.

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