Capcom's remastered detective game is getting its Japan-exclusive prologues - but only as a string of tweets

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective
(Image credit: Capcom)

The Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective's remaster is being preluded by four prologues, which were only ever released in Japan until now.

Capcom announced just earlier today via the tweet below that the 'Four Prologues' would be accompanying Ghost Trick's upcoming remaster. These separate stories, which take place in the hours leading up to the events of the main game, were only ever released in Japan, but now they're finally making their way overseas.

It might've taken roughly 12 years for the Four Prologues to make their way to Western audiences, but they're finally coming. Instead of releasing as part of Ghost Trick's remaster though, it looks like Capcom will actually be tweeting them out instead, going by the tweet just below.

The first prologue just above follows Ghost Trick's protagonist, Sissel, right as he gets shot. It's pretty sharp and straight to the point, literally summed up as Sissel going "ah crap, I've been shot." We can probably expect the other three prologues to be a similar length.

There's really very little information online about the Four Prologues for Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, as you might expect from Japan-exclusive content for a game that launched in 2010. This probably means the Four Prologues will go down a storm with those who were big fans of Capcom's original detective game back in the day.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective's remaster launches next week on June 30 across PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

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