Capcom promises to punish Street Fighter 5 rage quitters eventually

Just as the launch wrinkles in Street Fighter 5 appear to be resolving themselves, so a new (yet oh so familiar) problem presents itself: the rage quitter. With no punishment at present for those who exit to preserve League Points and win streaks, too often online bouts end early, with you channeling the fury of 1000 Yoga Flames.

Mercifully, Capcom has announced that it's taking measures to resolve the problem, although it doesn't "have an exact date to share with you at the moment". It says some sort of direct action will begin this week, with the punishment for worst offenders "severe". (Condemned to play only as Laura for the rest of time? Sounds perfect.)

Pending further updates, Capcom has asked the community to record all instances of rage quitting – whether it's via PS4's Share function or a family camcorder that's been in the attic since 1998 – and says it will provide details of how to submit this footage shortly.

It's also reminded players they can feed back directly to the team on Twitter @SFVServer.

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Ben Wilson

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