Canis Canem Edit classroom shots

Monday 18 September 2006
This fresh set of Canis Canem Edit images gives you a perfect peek at the game's in-class minigames, including shots from the English, gym, shop class, photography, art and chemistry lessons you'll be undertaking when the game launches on 26 October. Each subject has five tests and if you ace the challenge you'll earn a special reward.

In chemistry, it's your job to mix a series of bubbling liquids together to create a specific compound. This works by setting a chain of button presses to tap out - rhythm action-style - to succeed. Pass the tests and you can learn how to make your own stink bombs, itching powder and firecrackers using Jimmy's bedroom chemistry set.

The art minigames give you a shuffled up image, which you have to piece back together within a time limit. Get it right and you'll become more attractive to the girls of Bullworth Academy. Photography on the other hand has you snapping certain targets and being rewarded with a camera of your own to lug around the schoolyard - perfect for capturing those "bundle!" moments for the school paper.

Gym is a more physical challenge, with wrestling or dodge ball sessions toughening you up and teaching you new combat moves in the process. Shop class shows you how to fiddle with bike bits, improving your options for two-wheeled transport, while English is a series of word games that can enhance your oral abilities, enabling you to chat up your female classmates or to avoid a beating from the bigger boys.

Read our recent preview of Canis Canem Edit for more info on the game's action, or tap the image tab above to see another cluster of classroom screens.

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