These Call of Duty: Warzone movie skins inspired by Fight Club, Kill Bill, and Aliens are amazing

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The Call of Duty: Warzone movie-inspired skins reference major blockbusters like Fight Club, The Dark Knight, and Kill Bill - and they're some of the best cosmetics in the game. 

The skins don't directly reference the movie from which they are inspired, but the uncanny similarities can't be denied. One Reddit user recently collected the Black Ops Cold War cinema skins that have dropped in Warzone so far, and it's a trio of top-tier film inspirations. These cinema cosmetics dropped after the recent Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War integration, and it wouldn't be too surprising if there are more on the way.

Cinema Skins in Cold War so far (from top to bottom) Tyler from Fight Club, Beatrix from Kill Bill, and Grumpy from The Dark Knight. I wonder who’s next? from r/blackopscoldwar

For now, we've got a Tyler Durden in Fight Club skin called 'Tourist' for the Operator Garcia that includes a red leather jacket, spiky blonde hair, and the infamous sunglasses tucked into his denim shirt. Operator Portnova has a skin called 'Disavowed Assassin' that is so obviously Kill Bill-inspired that it's a wonder Activision hasn't gotten a call from Quentin Tarantino. Not only is there a katana blueprint for your sword, but there's a Black Mamba calling card and Beatrix Kiddo's iconic yellow motorcycle outfit. The last skin is a nod to Joker's masked burglars in The Dark Knight - Barker's 'Big Joke' bundle includes the clown mask and jumpsuit cosmetic as well as some wildly colorful weapon blueprints.

There's also an older Call of Duty: Warzone skin that is a personal favorite of mine - the Sigourney Weaver in Alien nod that is Charly's 'The Outrider skin,' which includes a beige jumpsuit and curly pixie cut.

The comments on the Reddit post suggest what should come next in the collection Call of Duty: Warzone movie skins. From Scarface and Terminator to Beetlejuice and Ghostbusters, the options are quite literally endless, and considering how well-liked the existing movie-inspired skins are, Activision could definitely add more in the future.

Back in October, a Call of Duty: Warzone datamine revealed the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Saw skins.

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