Call of Duty: Warzone killstreak bait trick is a special kind of evil

The trollest bait in Warzone from r/CODWarzone

If you find a killstreak on the ground in Call of Duty: Warzone you usually rejoice the free goodies - but a recent Reddit video has made finding a floor UAV highly sus.

A Reddit user posted a video of what they themselves describe as "the trollest bait in Warzone", and I have to agree with them. During a Fire Sale, the player and their teammates buy a bunch of UAVs, Cluster Strikes, and Precision Airstrikes. They then meticulously pick them up and swap them out, eventually moving all of them to within a hangar in the Boneyard area of the Call of Duty: Warzone Verdansk map. The results are about a dozen killstreaks lying in the perceived protection of a hangar, just waiting to be picked up by an unsuspecting player.

With the bait set, the Redditor and his teammates climb up a ladder in the hangar and go prone, lying in wait not unlike an apex predator, if apex predators were trolls. It's not long before a lone player walks in and spots the killstreak buffet - I can only imagine the player muttered "sweet" under their breath as they go to pick up a free killstreak. Naturally, the squad lying in wait riddle the enemy with bullets, as the evil trap setters gleefully giggle.

As far as Call of Duty: Warzone videos go, this is somehow more evil than Fast Carzone, where a player spends his entire time playing running over enemies with a variety of vehicles. Another day, another Warzone video that shows players remain creative.

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