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Call of Duty Warzone cheater uses aimbot to shoot respawning players out of the sky

Warzone Rumble
(Image credit: Activision)

Infinity Ward may be banning Call of Duty Warzone cheaters, but some of them are slipping through the cracks, including one player who's using an aimbot to shoot players out of the sky. 

Skip to about five minutes in the video below to see the cheating in action, and make sure to watch all the way through - it's pretty wild.

In the video, streamer TimtheTatman is killed right after his teammate (Cloakzy) is killed by the same player - and he has no idea where that player is. "He's cheating," Cloakzy says as Tim wonders aloud what happened. The two watch the player's screen and quickly determine he's using an aimbot (and a Kar98 rifle with the sought-after Damascus skin). 

Instead of backing out in a fit of rage (which is sort of my bag) Tim decides to continue watching the player's screen after his death.Then, in what is one of streamings' most bizarre moments, the two realize the cheater in question is - wait for it - watching their stream. "This dude's blatant and he's watching the stream," Tim laughs. Then the cheater (who Tim calls 'Line' because the gamertag is illegible) decides to put on a show - by shooting parachuting players out of the sky that aren't even on-screen. "Honest to god, bro, even with an aimbot I didn't think you could do that," Tim yells.

The rest of the video is truly remarkable - Tim and Cloakzy pepper 'Line' with yes or no questions, who responds by nodding or shaking the camera side-to-side. Based on this line of questioning, Line isn't worried about getting banned and allegedly earned the Damascus skin by their own merit. For reference, the Damsacus skin is an absolute slog to get - you to unlock the Platinum camo on every single gun in the game, which is hours upon hours of legwork. At the end of the video, Line chimes in on their mic, and claims they've been cheating for "six months" total (so, before Warzone, in Modern Warfare multiplayer).

Despite Infinity Ward cracking down on cheaters (including adding two-step SMS authentication for new PC players back in May), it seems like cheaters do prosper - at least for now. 

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