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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Intel locations guide

One Shot, One Kill

Snipe Zakhaev and escape from Chernobyl.

Don't forget to snag the Modern Warfare Remastered Time Paradox trophy or achievement during this chapter.

Intel #22: When you're carrying MacMillan out of the building with the attacking dogs and walk down a fiery slope then through a broken wall, look for another fire escape on your right. Climb the ladder, climb the escape and grab the laptop.

Intel #23: At the end of the mission, you'll fight large swarms of enemies while waiting for a rescue chopper. At some point in the midst of this battle, a double door on your far right (as you face the apartment complex from the sniping spot) will open to unleash a new group of bad guys. Be warned that sometimes the door, for whatever reason, doesn't open - the best way we found to trigger it was running over to the swimming pool area when enemies rappel down from the helicopters and fighting until you see soldiers coming towards you from the alleyway leading to the door. If it doesn't open, just kill yourself and keep trying until it does.

The Sins of the Father

Ambush Zakhaev's son.

Intel #24: The first building you enter in this mission is a diner. Look for the laptop on one of the booth tables to the left. Be quick! The scene will fade to black after a few seconds and transport you to a completely new time and place.

Intel #25: During the foot chase, you'll be told to head down an alleyway to your left. As you move through, turn right at the wrecked car and take out the enemies around the corner before heading up the metal stairs into a room with a couple more soldiers and the laptop.


Find Sgt. Griggs. Kill the power to the ICBM launch facility.

Intel #26: Wait until you reach the large, junkyard courtyard with the rusty car in the middle. You'll fight many, many terrorists here. The laptop is hidden in the corner room of the L-shaped building across the battlefield - go in through a shuttered entrance with the number 2 written to the left of it.

All In

Get inside the ICBM launch facility.

Intel #27: When your team has blown up the wire fence gate, look right. At the end of an alleyway tucked behind the large, red brick building is the intelligence item.

Intel #28: Destroy the tanks and find the arch-shaped aluminium hangar on the right of the battlefield. It's the second one, with the open door. Inside, on the floor and towards the back right, is the laptop.

No Fighting in the War Room

Reach the control room and abort the nukes.

Intel #29: Upon exiting the flooded restrooms and entering the red lit hallway, turn left. Keep going, past the well lit locker rooms, until you reach the fourth door on your left. Inside the darkened conference room, on the far end of the long table, is the laptop. You may need Night Vision to see it.

Intel #30: On the upper landing of the mission control room is a conference room with a smaller version of the blue and green world map. The thirtieth and final intelligence item should be pretty easy to spot on the table.

At this point you should unlock the Eyes and Ears trophy/achievement.

Congratulations - you're done! To enable any of the cheats you've just unlocked, either activate them from the main menu or pause during a single player game, choose Options and then select Cheats. Arcade Mode is available from the main menu.