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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Intel locations guide

War Pig

Escort the Abrams back to the highway.

Intel #12: As you head into town with the tank, through the towering stone archway, look to your right. See the taller, three-storey building? Go through the hole in the wall in the two-storey building immediately past it. Up some stairs are three rooms, and the one on the left holds the intel.

Intel #13: Jump down through the bombed hole in front of you. Cross the street, watching for the store front with clothes hanging in the window. In the back, on the left, is a brown stairwell. Go up and enter the second room on your right. You should see the laptop on a bare cot.

Intel #14: Near the end of the mission, you'll enter a dark, rubble-strewn room where three of your teammates are shooting at a tank. One soldier holds up his hand to stop your entry. While you wait for them to finish, head a little further down the hall, towards an end room with two small windows. The laptop is here.

Shock and Awe

Surround the last of Al-Asad's forces in the capital.

Intel #15: On the upper floor of the building where you rescue the recon squad, search the far right corner. Between two barrels, against the front wall, is the laptop.

At this point you should unlock the Look Sharp trophy/achievement.

Intel #16: Jump down into the courtyard, fight off the terrorists and enter the small building by the containers. On the second storey, in a tiny closet, is the intel.


Find Al-Asad in his safehouse in Azerbaijan.

Intel #17: After the forest pathway with the white picket fences, enter the first building with the satellite dish outside. On the upper floor, in the bedroom directly across from the stairs, is the seventeenth piece of intel.

Intel #18: Now, with so many houses to choose from, it's easy to get lost. The one you want is above the burning building and below the water tower. On the ground floor, in a restaurant booth, is the laptop.

All Ghillied Up

Crawl through Chernobyl in a ghillie suit.

Intel #19: MacMillan will lead you through a deserted church. Before following him back outside, climb the ladder in the back room. At the top of the tower is the intelligence item.

Intel #20: When you're snaking through the maze of shipping containers, wait for MacMillan to slash the enemy's throat with his knife. He'll go left, but you should go right and through a container. See the laptop? Right next to the sleeping soldier's feet? Yeah, it's tough, but you can nab it without waking him - or alerting the other two soldiers - if you're extremely slow and careful.

Intel #21: After shooting the sniper on the fire escape, let MacMillan go through the first window. You need to climb all the way to the top and through a higher window to collect this intel.

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