Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PS5 uninstall bug plaguing players

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PS5 players are running into an issue where uninstalling the game can result in the loss of all of the associated data packs, rendering the game virtually unplayable. 

Reddit user puzzled-soup (opens in new tab) sheds light on the issue and how there is currently no reasonable workaround. According to them, their Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PS5 download was "acting extremely buggy" so they uninstalled and downloaded the game again from their SSD. All of the packs were installed, which includes campaign, co-op, multiplayer, data, and optional textures. After reinstalling the game, they realized the file size was over 100gbs less than it should be, and that despite it saying all the packs are installed, they could not access or play any content associated with them. "They aren't actually there," they write. 

And there doesn't seem to be a clear and easy fix for this problem, either. "In-game you are given the option to 'uninstall' the missing data, but when you do this the game still tells everything is downloaded, when it isn't. If you go to the 'manage game content' tab of the PS5, the packs don't show up like they normally would," writes puzzled-soup. "Activision support refuses to acknowledge the issue. I've tried pretty much every work around that I know of, and nothing has worked." That includes deleting the saved data, deleting the application and reinstalling it on both SSD and extended HDD, accessing the game from another account on the same PS5, restoring license, and managing content through PS5 UI. 

According to puzzled-soup, the only known workaround is to have a PS4, download the game with all the packs onto an HDD and transfer it to a PS5. So be warned, if you own Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on a PS5 and you need to uninstall the game for any reason, make sure you manually uninstall all of the additional data packs as well. 

There's a new Call of Duty coming late 2021.

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