Call of Duty Mobile Halloween event brings spookified Black Ops 2 map

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Call of Duty Mobile is gearing up for Halloween with limited time content from now through the event period. Patch notes are available in game, and Activision says a new blog with the full deets is coming the 21, but for now we know the event kicked off with a new Halloween-themed version of the Standoff map from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, a sniper-only mode and challenge, a free battle crate and epic weapon XP card, a free weapon, a limited time game mode, and a bunch of other stuff fully detailed below.

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The new map is available now in team deathmatch, search and destroy, and domination modes. And that's not the entirety of new content you can currently access in Call of Duty's Halloween extravaganza - you'll also find new skills, items, and scoresheets. "Starting today there will be limited-time content releasing throughout the event period. Check out plenty of new treats to acquire, new skills to master in BR, new limited time modes, and more," the announcement reads.

The "more" in the description refers to the following:

  • Battle crate and epic weapon XP card (500XP) for updating
  • Free weapon during login event
  • In-game themes and music
  • Halloween-themed Standoff map
  • Brand new sparrow operator skill to earn
  • Limited time Hard Point game mode
  • New battle royale chip: Airborne
  • New looks for your favorite weapons, items, and operators
  • Halloween-themed ID collection event
  • Molotov cocktail scorestreak

Following these updates, Call of Duty Mobile will kick off the Sparrow Operator skill event on the 21, which is also when Activision plans on releasing a blog with more details. The update announcement on Reddit includes a list of player-reported issues Activision is currently working on, including bugs and general feedback.

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