Call of Duty Mobile cheats: What hacks are out there?

Call of Duty Mobile cheats
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Like all multiplayer games, there are a number of Call of Duty Mobile cheats and hacks players can use to gain an unfair advantage. Obviously using them is bad and cheaters never prosper but what exactly is out there, and if you think you've been at the wrong end of it what should you look for?

Call of Duty Mobile cheats breakdown into three rough categories aimbots, wall hacks and in-game alterations that change Call of Duty Mobile's own mechanics to benefit hackers. This isn't a tutorial though. This is just an educational look at what Call of Duty Mobile hacks exists, how they work and what to look for. We obviously don't condone hacking in any way, not to mention that using anything like this could cost you your entire account. 

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Call of Duty Mobile bots

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Aimbotting is one of the most popular hacks in all online shooters, because it essentially allows players to get kills without trying. An aimbot will automatically track enemies and fire whenever they're in view, meaning it's almost impossible to kill someone who's aimbotting since they'll always know where you are and don't miss a shot.


Call of Duty Mobile

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In a similar fashion to aimbots – the two are often coupled together – wallhacks allow you to see enemies through walls. Some will show you extra information about the player you're tracking like how much health they have, and a wallhack is also harder to detect than aimbot, making it a popular choice for those looking for a smaller advantage.


How to get a nuke in Call of Duty Mobile

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A radar hack in COD Mobile pretty much does what it says on the tin: hacks the radar/minimap so player locations become visible at all times. It's a step down from both aimbots and wallhacks but still provides a huge advantage to those that utilise it.

If you do find anyone using any of these COD Mobile hacks in-game, make sure you report them to maintain a fair playing field for everyone.

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