Call of Duty: Black Ops getting a 360-only multiplayer beta TODAY?!

Treyarch is all a’twitterz about a giant Call of Duty: Black Ops reveal that should go down some time today. However, from the looks of things, Google went and spoiled it already. According to a website true to its name,Leakerz.comhas turned up a Google ad promoting a Black Ops Multiplayer beta exclusive to Xbox 360:

Above: Treyarch states that this isn't part of their "official" announcement... although that certainly looks like an official URL

What’s more, that alleged link went to the official Call of Duty website, where this oh-so subtle clue once resided

Above: That's TODAY, if you're just waking up. The message now reads "FULL MULTIPLAYER REVEAL SEPTEMBER 1ST" in the same font

Assuming the above shots are real, they'vesince been removed. That of course means the information should just go away quietly and no one will speak of it again, right? Treyarch community manager Josh Olin also offered ample incentive to forget any ofthis ever happened by addressing the matter OFFICIALLY:

So what's it all mean? While the CoD page didn’t make specific mention of 360 exclusivity for the multiplayer beta, but the Google ad clearly did. (Are you calling Google a liar?!) Taking into account the Modern Warfare 2 map packs and the Blur multiplayer beta, Activision and Microsoft have certainly given us plenty of precedent to believe PS3 owners could get shafted (should the beta be announced and suddenly appear online today.)

Above: Why deny PS3 owners the right to do this early... AND WHAT OF THE POOR WII?!?!!?

But as with everything you read on the internet, be prepared to chug a keg cup full of salt grains until we do get an official announcement later today. If any of these purported leaks are to be believed, Leakerz has also posteda shot of the Black Ops beta downloading onto a PS3. Either way, don’t get yourselves worked into a tizzy. We’ve got GR soldiers live and on the scene atthe LA event as we speak! As soon as they let us know, we’ll pass the intel right along to you. Stay frosty, CoDers.

Sep 1, 2010