Call of Juarez: Gunslinger nuggets of truth locations guide

Episode 1: Billy the Kid [Part 1]

Once Upon a Time in Stinking Springs

Truth #1: The Lincoln County War
You will come across this the very first time you are told how to crouch. Crouch and enter the building to the left and look for the scroll sitting on the wheel barrow.

Truth #2: Stinking Springs
When you enter the back door of the house where Billy is located, go up the stairs and enter the first room. When you enter it, look for the scroll on the table by the window.

Truth #3: Pat Garret
Near the end of the mission, you will need to go to the stables to get some horses. Before you enter the stables, look to the right, before the door and there will be a scarecrow with a white hat hanging on it. Grab it for the final nugget of this mission.

Episode 1: Billy the Kid [Part 2]

A Fistful of Hot Lead

Truth #4: Billy the Kid
Right at the start of the mission, when you exit the cell, Enter the next empty cell with the open door and you will find this black hat nugget sitting on the bench there.

Truth #5: Lincoln Escape
When you hop down from the rooftops, go forward and to the left side of the first building you come to. Go forward to the ammo crate in front of a bunch of barrels to find the nugget there.

Truth #6: Horse Theft
Just before the wagon that is blocking the road, and you reach the ladder you need to climb to get on the roof to hop over a fence, the book is on a metal gear stand on the right side.

Truth #7: Old West Lawmen
After you pass the clock tower in the center of the street, make a right and knock open the first door on the right side. Enter the building and the hat will be sitting on a barrel there.

Episode 2: The Cowboys [Part 1]

A Bullet for the Old Man

Truth #8: Guardia Rural
When you need to escape through the cave after the standoff at the wagon, there will be a campfire on the right. Look in front of the tent there and the hat will be sitting there.

Truth #9: Doc Holliday
After you reach the ammo stash from the body that falls from the sky, return back the way you came from but this time take the rocks on the right side and follow the white markings. When you are able to go right, do so and you can find the hat at the far end.

Truth #10: Old Man Clanton
Near the top of the hill where Old Man Clanton is shooting his gatling gun at you from; go to the left side to find the hat sitting there.

Episode 2: The Cowboys [Part 2]

Gunfight at the Sawmill

Truth #11: Wyatt Earp
Near the start of the mission, when you make your way down the hill, and before you reach the falling logs, there will be a knocked over tree laying across some rocks. Walk up the fallen tree to find the hat hanging on the end of it.

Truth #12: OK Corral
When you pass through the area with the saw blades and the runners, and then go down the ramp across the pond of water, there will be a building on the left side with a door that you can open in the center. Enter the building and the nugget will be directly in front of you.

Truth #13: Curly Bill Brocious
This can be found after you enter the saw mill and reach the group of enemies and the group of Shielders enters. Make your way to the left side of the building there where there is a ladder to get on the roof and this will be on a barrel there.

Truth #14: Johnny Ringo
As you walk up the wooden stairs and along the wooden walkway that are to the left of the saw mill, take the left walkway to find a rocking chair there with the nugget sitting on it.

Episode 3: The Innocents

The Magnificent One

Truth #15: Vigilance Committees
Near the start of the mission, there is a tunnel you can enter from taking the left road. Enter the tunnel on the right side and follow it about half way down to come to a side tunnel on the left. On a crate there will be the nugget to pick up.

Truth #16: Bannak, Montana
When you enter the large mine, work your way down the ladders to the middle platform and on the end of a wooden beam in the every center will be the scroll will be laying there.

Truth #17: Gold Rushes
When you are working your way through the mine, you will eventually drop into a room that is full of explosive barrels. In the left hand corner, there will be a crate that has the nugget inside it. Break it open and grab it.

Truth #18: Henry Plummer
After you exit to the outside, you are told to take the ladder or the elevator to get higher. Climb the first ladder and then go to the left and cross the rocks to the wooden beam on the other side. The hat will be at the very end of the beam.

Episode 4: John Wesley Hardin

Be Quick or Dead

Truth #19: Old West Revolvers
When you reach the first camp, in front of the herd of cows, take out the enemies and then look for this nugget in front of the tent.

Truth #20: Old West Gambling
When you reach the second camp, go up on the rocks to the right of it and you will come across a lone tent there. The nugget will be sitting in front of it like the previous one was.

Truth #21: John Wesley Hardin
Near the tent where you picked up the previous nugget, there will be a water tower and a windmill. Climb up the ladder to the platform around the water tower and the hat will be sitting on the railing to the left side.

Truth #22: Wild Bill Hickok
When you return to the town, go forward to the first alleyway on the right and follow it to the Blacksmith shop. In the far left corner of the shop, you will be able to find the hat sitting on a chest.

Truth #23: Cattle Rustling
Just before the hotel, there will be a ladder you can climb on the corner of the building. Climb up to the roof and cross the beams to the next. From here go left to the lower roof and you will then be able to jump over to the planks sticking out of the water tower under the ladder on it. Hop over and climb up to find the nugget on the railing.

Truth #24: Bull’s Head Saloon
When you reach the Saloon, before entering it, climb up the ladder to the right and then jump through the open window. Once inside, look for the nugget on the dresser.