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Note that the endings have certain sequences that will play depending on a few choices you made through the game, but if you choose to kill Menendez at the end, then you will always have the YouTube clip about his death and the rioting. If Chloe is alive, she will save the world. If not, then the world is in peril from the virus as the British computer scientist –the replacement for Chloe, cannot stop it. If you chose to save Mason, then he will show up to talk to Woods. If you killed him, then David will retire, and so forth. There are few actions throughout the game that actually determines what happens at the ending scene and different combinations of choices will result in different endings being played out. Here are the best, worst, and some in between.

Ending 1:

This ending is arguably the best ending that you can get. Everything works out in the end for the world, and everyone—well almost everyone, is still alive. You will get it if you don’t kill Mason on the rooftop; if you kept Chloe alive by killing Harper as Farid, and if you decided to capture Menendez alive instead of killing him at the very end.

Ending 2:

This is the worst ending that you can receive. If you killed Mason on the rooftop; if you didn’t save Chole, either by rescuing her from Defalco or by choosing to keep Harper alive, and you decided to take Menendez alive at the end of the game. It doesn’t end up well for anyone, as the British computer scientist has no idea how to stop the worm, Menendez escapes, and then goes to pay Woods a visit.

Ending 3:

This is more of a blah ending as it doesn’t show the aftermath of the virus and instead shows the uprising of Cordis Die as Menendez’s death triggers the video to play. Mason still meets his father, but the world is in chaos as revolts happen across the world.

Ending 4:

This is the ending you will receive if you killed Mason on top of the roof and decided to off Menendez at the end instead of capturing him. Again it shows the same sequence of when Menendez dies and the world revolts as Cordis Die uprises, but different than the other endings, it shows Mason telling Woods that he is done and that he is retiring.

If you thought some of those ending were bad, then wait until you get to feast your eyes on the travesty that follows all the endings.

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