Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 campaign choices guide

Mission 4: Time and Fate

During this mission, when you are in control of Mason and Woods, you will come to Menendez’s compound and will stumble upon a couple of soldiers attempting to burn the place down. If you act quickly enough, you can take them down and find a file folder on a desk that will confirm a link of Menendez to the CIA. If you do not, however, the information is lost.

Mission 5: Fallen Angel

During this mission, you will have the objective to spy on Menendez as he speaks to others. There will be three times that you will need to listen to what he says. The first time will be mandatory as if you don’t identify Menendez, you will fail the mission. If you complete all three sections of eavesdropping, you will learn that Raul is in cahoots with Tian Zhao and that they have procured a downed drone.

Also if you successfully complete the surveillance, you will be given a Strike Force mission called Dispatch in which you can try to assassinate Tian Zhao to receive China’s aid later on in the game. The last section of the mission will have a secondary effect on the rest of the game, although it won’t be anything major. Well, not to you anyways.

When you are in the vehicle section, racing towards the end of the mission, a helicopter will crash and it cause a chain reaction of explosions that will go off along the right side. If you drive too close to the final jet of flames, Harper will get disfigured from it and will spend the rest of the game with half of his face looking like Freddy Krueger’s.

Mission 6: Karma

This is where things will start to have a greater impact on the choices you make. In fact, this mission features the largest choice in the game and can affect the ending in the best and worst possible ways. Once you are near the end of the mission and have spotted Chloe, DeFalco will take her and try to escape. If you do not catch up to them, DeFalco will escape with her and you won’t have Chloe’s expert computer abilities to help you with the Celerium worm. Also DeFalco will remain alive and show up later in the game wherever Raul does.

If you do allow DeFalco to get away with Chloe, there will be an optional Strike Force Mission that will appear called “Second Chances.” This will allow you to try and secure Chloe and return her to the USS Obama and have her on your side again. The downside to this is that DeFalco will still be alive and still be able to cause trouble later on.

When DeFalco is escaping the mall with Chloe, a quick snipe shot to his noodle will stop him from escaping with Chloe and will immediately end the mission. If you do not choose to snipe him, you can also catch up to him before he boards his plane and have a shootout with him and his men. Either way, he’ll end up dead and you’ll save Chloe.

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