Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 campaign choices guide

Mission 10: Cordis Die     

At the beginning of the mission, there will be a scene between China’s Premiere Chen and President Bosworth. If China is on your side from completing the Strike Force Missions, then Chen will pledge support. If not, he will reprimand the President and deny support. Through the mission, soldiers will appear and help deal with snipers to make things easier. If you do not have China’s support, you will need to deal with this yourself.

Much like the first two missions, the story action report will list saving the president as a feat that you performed, however, there’s no way not to. If you do not protect the President during the assault on the freeway, the game will end with an objective failure. You can however lose the trucks carrying the G20 leaders and the French President, but there were no discernible repercussions for it that I could tell.

Mission 11: Judgment Day

The final choice of the game comes down to whether or not you want to kill or capture Menendez. If you decide to kill Menendez, then the ending will always feature his YouTube video calling for Cordis Die and cities getting trashed as rioters rise up to heed the call. If you choose to let him live however, there are a few things that can happen.

If Chloe was kept alive through the entire game, you will see her on the Jimmy Kimmel Show from Menendez’s prison cell and he will freak out upon seeing her. If Chloe isn’t kept alive, the Celerium worm will spread through the US computers and Menendez will be able to escape his cell. When he does, he goes to visit Woods, and after a short scene between the two, Raul will stab Woods in the throat, killing him. Raul will then go to the gravesite of his sister and set himself on fire.

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