Bugsnax gameplay trailer reveals trapping, collecting, and muckraking

If you're still singing the Bugsnax theme, maybe this new gameplay trailer that shows more of what you actually do in the game will help.

The trailer debuted at the latest PlayStation State of Play presentation, and it gets right down to brass tacks: you play as an investigative journalist looking into this strange Bugsnax phenomenon, and you'll need to dig up some serious dirt to impress your editor. Yes, your editor is a cute, grumpy Muppet. You're a cute Muppet too, it's not weird.

Following your scoop means heading to the village of Snaxburg and ingratiating yourself with the community. As you get to know more of the residents, they'll show you new and interesting ways to catch Bugsnax. Catch more Bugsnax, and you'll be able to help them out with their, uh, snacking needs. Soon you'll get the entire village back together and thriving, all through the power of bug snacking.

So on top of being a game about fuzzy creatures who eat insectoid food that turns them into food, Bugsnax is also a hunting, trapping, community management, and journalism game. I would expect nothing less from Young Horses, the studio that previously made an entire game about not letting your suburban family find out that you're secretly an octopus in a suit

Bugsnax is headed to both PS4 and PS5 in time for holiday 2020, so you and your family can gather 'round and, uh, turn your body parts into chocolate oranges?

Check out our interview with the developers behind Bugsnax for more details about the game. 

Connor Sheridan

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