Still can't get the Bugsnax theme tune out of your head? Here's the story behind its creation

(Image credit: Young Horses)

Octodad creators Young Horses unveiled its new game, Bugsnax, at the PS5 showcase last week, and the trailer's accompanying theme song has been taking the internet by storm ever since. 

Speaking to GamesRadar, studio co-founder & President Philip Tibitoski explained the story behind the Bugsnax song, which was written and performed by British indie pop band Kero Kero Bonito (KKB). 

"Well, a couple of us were already fans of KKB and had seen them a couple times here in Chicago, and felt like the kind of vibe that they give off with their music really fit Bugsnax," says Tibitoski. "Plus, with Octodad also having like a Saturday morning cartoon theme song, it already felt part of our identity as a studio to make these tunes for our games."

"And so we reached out to KKB and eventually got to their manager, and talked with Gus from the band, and they had luckily heard about Octodad before. From there, we showed them what Bugsnax was, let them play it for a while, and gave them a bunch of materials, like our script and screenshots."

"They were into it and excited about it, so went off and created a demo track pretty quickly, like within like a week or two and then came back with that. And immediately it was like this fantastic cute song. I think maybe we had like a little bit of feedback, but basically they just iterated on it themselves from there a couple more times, and out came the track that you've heard."

You'll be able to read our full interview with Tibitoski next week, which dives into more details on Bugsnax's gameplay, story, and how Young Horses is using the power of the PS5 to make its game feel even more immersive. 

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