Bryan Fuller talks Heroes and Star Trek

Talking to SCI FI Wire , Bryan Fuller (returning as writer and consulting producer on Heroes after Pushing Daisies finished) believes there's going to be "a new spirit" in its fourth season, which will be known more properly as "Volume Five: Redemption." And [potential spoiler] all the cast will return, including Adrian Pasdar and Zachary Quinto.

He says, "We're going back to the basics of the characters. [We're] getting back to the real world and seeing what it's like for HRG [Jack Coleman] to try to re-create a company when every version of it has failed in the past. I like the balance of the personal lives that we're telling this season. So what I'm excited about with season four is getting everybody back to the basic principle of ordinary people in an extraordinary world and how these characters are relatable to us and what we would do if we were in their situations, and really grounding it in that conceit."

He also told the website how much he'd like to do a new Star Trek series if the opportunity arose. "I would love to do a Star Trek series! I think that a Star Trek TV series is probably a couple years away, just to let the feature franchise breathe. I'm hoping that by the time they're ready to do a television series I am available and can participate. I think it would be a ball. I love the aesthetics of the new movie. I think [a TV show] has to be set in that world, but I think it has to be a different ship than the Enterprise. I think the Enterprise has to be sailing on the silver screen, and I think we need a new ship with a new crew and an entirely new adventure that is in the timeline and the aesthetic of the movie, but it's telling a different story."

There's a Bryan Fuller interview in issue 184 of SFX (on sale now) where he also talks about his previous time on Star Trek and of his love for the franchise. Read the rest of the SCI FI Wire interview here . We'd love to see Bryan Fuller and JJ Abrams collaborating on a new Star Trek spin-off TV show, but what do you think?

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