Bryan Singer ponders Starbuck's sex in Battlestar Galactica movie

With Excalibur canned, we know that Bryan Singer's next project after Jack The Giant Killer will be a big screen version of Battlestar Galactica . What we don't know for sure is what his Galactica movie will use as its influence.

Will it lean towards the original 1970s TV show - as Singer has previously suggested - or channel the gritty drama of the updated, more recent television outing?

An interview with screenwriter John Orloff ( Anonymous ) hasn't shed much light on that decision.

“I have a pretty radical take,” Orloff told The Los Angeles Times , before adding. “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna frak it up.”

The other big question is whether Starbuck should be played by a male (think Dirk Benedict in the original Glen A. Larson TV show) or a female (Katie Sackoff in the update)?

SFX magazine popped this burning question to Singer, who says the jury is still out.

“Right now I haven’t made my mind up on that. But whatever way we go, I’m sure it will be complementary to the whole Battlestar Galactica mythology,” he dodged.