Bryan Singer confirmed for Battlestar movie

Bryan Singer has been confirmed as spearheading a new Battlestar Galactica movie for Universal.

HitFix' Drew McWeeny called it yesterday , but Universal has made it official, with the Valkyrie man on board to both direct and produce the film.

Details remain sketchy, though it will apparently be a complete re-imagining, even further than the TV series created by Ron Moore.

It'll need to be, since Moore's BSG still has exposition-loaded TV movie The Plan set to air and spin-off series Caprica arriving early next year across the pond.

So for now, there's no script and no word on whether Singer's regular collaborator (and Battlestar fanatic) Tom DeSanto will be involved, though since he was a big part of their attempt to get a new TV version going years ago, chances are he'll sign on.

[Source: THR ]

Does the world need another take on Galactica? And is Singer the man for the job?

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