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Bruce Campbell reveals why he looks shredded in Army of Darkness poster

Army of Darkness
(Image credit: Universal Pictures)

Bruce Campbell recently explained why one poster for the Evil Dead sequel Army of Darkness shows his character, Ash Williams, looking like a world-class bodybuilder. The actor did so while responding to a Twitter user who made a comment about the level of swollness in the poster. 

Spoiler alert: turns out that it was all just a marketing ploy. "Yeah, producer Dino De Laurentiis had his hands all over that. It’s the foreign poster," Campbell wrote in his quote tweet. "He knew that [Arnold] Schwarzenegger sold overseas, so he made me look like Arnold. It’s very silly." 

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Funny enough, Campbell was already pretty ripped already in the film, but he was certainly not built like the Schwarzenegger. That's to no fault of Campbell, since so few actors were at the time or are present. Although, Dwayne Johnson would give '90s Schwarzenegger a run for his dumbbells

Army of Darkness – the third installment in the Evil Dead film series – was not a huge success. It was, however, Campbell's first appearance as a leading man for a major studio film. Darkness maintains cult classic status thanks to fans who continue to celebrate Sam Raimi's creation.

The love of the franchise's previous movies and indeed Army of Darkness helped create a path for the franchise to be resurrected in 2015 with the series Ash vs. Evil Dead. There was also a reboot of the first movie, under the same 1981 title, in 2013, but Campbell was not involved. He is involved with another potential sequel that's in the works, but that has mostly been rumors. 

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