Brian Michael Bendis moves Jinxworld to Dark Horse, ending DC exclusive

cover of Powers: The Best Ever collection
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Writer Brian Michael Bendis is moving his creator-owned Jinxworld comic book imprint from its current home at DC to Dark Horse Comics. 

Bendis brought Jinxworld and its associated titles including Powers, Torso, Jinx, and more to DC in 2017 in a deal that included an exclusive DC contract (which ended earlier in 2021), and runs on Superman, Action Comics, Legion of Super-Heroes, and more. Bendis also created the Wonder Comics 'pop-up' superhero imprint in his time at DC, which included titles such as Naomi, Young Justice, and Dial H for Hero. He's the current writer of Justice League.

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As part of Jinxworld's move to Dark Horse, the imprint will issue new collections of titles such as Pearl, Powers, Scarlet, and The United States of Murder Inc., which will begin releasing in March 2021. Prior to that, Bendis' Dark Horse move kicks off in November with a newly announced title called Joy Operations from Bendis and artist Stephen Byrne, which is described as "Akira meets Inception." 

Joy Operations is a sci-fi story set 55 years in the future, which focuses on a woman named Joy who is an enforcer for a corporate city-state known as the Jonando Trust. In Joy Operations, Joy's morality and sensibilities will be challenged by circumstances that lead her to betray her corporate masters.

"I am so proud to call Dark Horse Comics home! From Dark Horse Presents all the way up to Black Hammer, Dark Horse has been at the forefront of the kind of creator-owned comics I personally adore and aspire to," Bendis states. "This partnership has been brewing for a very long time."

That "long time" may be quite a while indeed, as Bendis states that he initially wished to publish some of his earliest creator-owned work through Dark Horse, before self-publishing and eventually beginning his star-making tenure at Marvel Comics in the early '00s.

"Mike Richardson, Daniel Chabon, and everyone else at Dark Horse has welcomed us with open arms and it's very exciting to start rolling out our brand-new epics like Joy Operations and reintroduce you to some of our classic Jinxworld titles like Powers, Torso, and Jinx," Bendis continues. "Any of my friends will tell you I wished those books were published by Dark Horse back when we first made them. To the future!"

Here's a gallery of covers for the new Dark Horse editions of several Jinxworld titles, as well as both covers of Joy Operations #1:

Joy Operations #1 of 5 is due out November 17.

Brian Michael Bendis is the current writer of Justice League. Read up on the best Justice League stories of all time.

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