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Bravely Default 2 producer hopes to see Bravely become a long-running franchise after Switch debut

Bravely Default 2
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Bravely Default 2 producer Masashi Takahashi hopes to see the series become a long-running franchise after its debut on the Nintendo Switch later this month. 

We recently spoke to Takahashi about the upcoming sequel on the Switch, which features a whole new cast of characters. When asked if it was possible that the Bravely series could develop into a longer franchise with a new story in each installment, Takahashi replied that "I think it will depend on how players feel about it, but I am hoping it will go that way!"

Previously, Takahashi said he was "ashamed" by some of the feedback that the first demo for Bravely Default 2 received. More recently, however, a second demo for Bravely Default 2 launched in December 2020, and it would appear the feedback on the second demo has been significantly more positive. 

"The March 2020 demo was played by over a million people worldwide, and in the span of one month we received over 22,000 responses globally to our feedback questionnaire," the producer tells us. "The Bravely series has fans both in and outside Japan, so we were hoping to receive some feedback from players in the international markets, but we definitely didn’t expect so many to go to the trouble of providing it. Quite simply, I was really happy to see that!"

"Some of the comments we received were really passionate about the series, saying things like ‘I’ve been waiting for this forever!’ It made me happy to have been able to announce the title," Takashi concludes. It certainly sounds as though the producer is relieved at the feedback provided by fans for the second, and final, demo.

Bravely Default 2 launches for the Nintendo Switch next week on Friday, February 26. Our review will be live before the game launches, and we'll have a further, more in-depth interview with Takahashi, as well as character designer Naoki Ikushima, prior to the game's launch. Stay tuned! 

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