Download the Bravely Default 2 final demo for a sneak peek and free Nintendo Platinum points

Bravely Default 2
(Image credit: Nintendo)

An updated version of the Bravely Default 2 demo, appropriately titled the Final Demo, is now available on Nintendo Switch, and downloading it before the game's out will earn you 100 Nintendo Platinum points.

You can download the final demo to your Switch via the Nintendo eShop website. If you'd rather do it on your console directly, just search for Bravely Default 2, open its store page, and click the download demo button on the right side. The download is surprisingly hefty, though it's still only a fraction of the full 14.6GB game. 

Bravely Default 2 is scheduled to launch February 26, and downloading the demo anytime before then will net you 100 Nintendo Platinum points. These are different from and less valuable than the Nintendo Gold points earned for purchasing games, but they're still a nice little bonus that everyone can enjoy, regardless of whether they're excited for Bravely Default 2. You'll need a linked Nintendo Account to claim these points, and they'll expire after six months, so put 'em to use soonish. 

Speaking as someone who is excited for Bravely Default 2, I'm glad to see an updated version of the demo, as the original demo released earlier this spring was a bit too limited. The final demo features the four main characters with several Jobs available to them, so we should be able to experiment a bit more this time around. 

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