Brand new Alienware X series gaming laptops are here - and you can buy one right now!

Alienware X Series
(Image credit: Alienware/Dell)

Alienware has officially revealed its latest gaming laptop series that will look to make waves among the world's best gaming laptops this year. The brand-new Alienware X-Series laptops will come in 15.6" and 17.3" variants and will be available to order today, June 1st, in the US, and June 17th in the UK and Europe.

Featuring the latest in the best graphics card and best CPUs for gaming markets, from Nvidia and Intel - there's no word on any of these laptops with Team Red components in them, yet - these laptops will be the gaming behemoth's thinnest powerhouses ever with the x15 coming in at under 16mm in thickness, and the x17 coming in at 20.9mm thick (screen choice dependent). These are some fine-looking machines and are going to be some of the best on the market henceforth, lining up along with all the other establish 'm' and Area-51m models we are already familiar with.

There is some availability today, and you can preorder them right now through the links below.

Alienware X Series

(Image credit: Alienware/Dell)

Sporting a softly rebooted version of the Legend aesthetic that has been draped over the last few years' worths of Alienware gaming laptops and Alienware gaming PCs, like the Aurora R12, the X-Series really does feel like a welcome refresh and advancement in Alienware's laptop range. The Dark Core aesthetic variant that features a black inside to the laptop is particularly striking and allegedly furthers immersion by making the machine itself blur into the background of your vision while playing games.

These beasts will, of course, feature the latest RTX 30-series graphics cards from Nvidia - up to RTX 3080 - and 11th-gen Intel processors and can feature up to 64GB of RAM (x17 only) and a massive 4TB RAID 0 SSD storage. These aren't messing around. Add in display options of 1080p at 165Hz or 360Hz refresh, 1440p at 240Hz refresh, and a beautiful 4K panel at 120Hz refresh, and these machines really are the next or new-gen gaming machines we've been looking for this year. Looking at the hardware configurations, it really is a series of perfect marriages. There's even a Cherry MX keyboard with an ultra-low profile 3.5mm low profile design.

What makes all this stuff play nice and tick along safely are new, excellent advancements in the cooling of these laptops. After all, the x15 is only 16mm in thickness, which is, frankly, ludicrous. The Alienware Cryo-tech cooling technology features a four fan setup, smart fan control to allow for absolute flexibility, five tailored power states depending on the task at hand, and some HyperEfficient Voltage Regulation tech that will ensure you have quality performance in longer gaming sessions. All in all, these look like some seriously quality Alienware gaming machines, and we can't wait to get our hands on one to dive deeper into the performance they offer.

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