Brad Pitt and Ed Norton re-team for State Of Play

The prospect of Brad Pitt headlining a US adaptation of top BBC miniseries State Of Play just keeps getting better.

Not only does it already boast a script from Matthew Michael Carnahan (with a fresh coat of rewrite paint from Bourne scribe Tony Gilroy), a director in the form of Kevin MacDonald (The Last King Of Scotland) and an actual start date (November), but now it’ll also act as a reunion for Fight Club stars Pitt and Edward Norton.

BP is taking on the David Morrissey role, retooled as a US congressman who has seen his brilliant political career suddenly under threat by an investigation into the death of his mistress. Norton has scooped the John Simm role of the journalist leading the newspaper probe who ends up developing a relationship with the politician’s estranged wife.

If all the elements work the way they should, this will be one to watch in 2008.

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