Borderlands 3 Rare Chest Riches event will get you better gear in-game or on Twitch

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The Borderlands 3 Rare Chest Riches mini-event will get you some extra-nice loot for the next two weeks, whether you go for a marathon play session or just leave a Twitch stream running. The event, which went live today and is set to run until 8:59 am PST / 11:59 am EST / 4:59 pm GMT on February 13, will bump up the rarity of all loot found inside Rare Chests. That goes for the chests you open as well as the chests opened by streamers who are playing Borderlands 3 with the ECHOcast extension.

The contents of the chests will still be random, as usual, but during the event they'll tend to be of higher quality. That means you have better odds of pulling Legendary items and really upping the quality level of your gear overall. If you want to double up your chances by grabbing loot from streamers, make sure your Twitch account is linked up with your SHiFT account.

You'll have a 25% chance of snagging a copy of one of the items from any Rare Chest that a streamer using the ECHOCast extension opens. Since their rarity chances are improved too, that means better loot for everybody. Any streamer rewards that you earn by watching will be waiting for you in your mailbox the next time you start up Borderlands 3.

The start of the Borderlands 3 Rare Chest Riches mini-event coincides with the game's latest hotfix, which also made Takedowns permanently scale for party size. Even more changes are on the way next month, so keep your loot-lovin' eyes peeled for them.

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