Boogeyman 2 is creeping up on us

Last year, the horror film Boogeyman arrived in cinemas to general laughter from the critics. But people enjoyed it – and the movie spun a $19 million budget into a number one opening and more than $60 million in box office business.

Never one to let go of a possibly successful franchise (look at the Grudge movies), Sam Raimi’s Ghost House production company is flashing the spooky green light for a follow-up to the Barry Watson-starring creep fest.

Imaginatively titled Boogeyman 2, it’ll follow a young woman who, like Watson’s Tim, harbours a life-long fear of the demon that lives in the closet and springs out at night to attack you. Trying to face up to her life-destroying terror, she checks herself into an asylum. Unfortunately for our heroine, the monster is already there! (Cue incredibly loud bang on the soundtrack).

The original film’s director, Stephen Kay, has decided not to come back, so editor Jeff Betancourt (who has never helmed a movie, but worked as a snipper on the likes of The Exorcism Of Emily Rose and The Grudge 2) will slip into the folding chair. Brian Sieve, who wrote the script for horror flick Ambrose Fountain – current location: development hell – is busy penning the screenplay.