Bond theme is called You Know My Name

Bond bouncing off walls, cracking heads and breaking bones – hardly the sort of action you’d expect to sit alongside a Girls Aloud song, eh?

So, ever since Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell was announced as the voice behind the theme tune to the new Bond movie, Casino Royale, the buzz has been about the title and style of the track.

With Cornell hardly being a crooner, it was obvious that the suits at Eon Productions and Bond’s musical guardian David Arnold were after something nasty and Cornell thinks they got it with You Know My Name.

“It’s more up-tempo and a little more aggressive than any other Bond theme has been, maybe since Paul McCartney with Live And Let Die,” Cornell tells Billboard . “It has an orchestra, but it also has some angry sounding guitar, and it's got feedback.”

It seems the scratchy-voiced rocker was as surprised as anyone when he got the nod to come in and work on the track.

“I just got a call,” he said “and at first I thought there must be some kind of mistake." “Then I saw what they were doing and thought, I'm actually the right guy for the job. Everybody I met with said the same thing – ‘This isn't anything like any other James Bond film, so we don't really want that song, either. So go do whatever you want.’”

Casino Royale arrives in cinemas on 17 November.

Source: ( Billboard )