Blue Beetle director clarifies how much input James Gunn had in the final cut

Blue Beetle
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The Blue Beetle director has revealed James Gunn's reaction to the final cut of the new DC movie – and how much say he had.

Angel Manuel Soto says there was "not much" input from either Gunn or fellow DC Studios co-CEO Peter Safran.

"The studio always, generally, has their hands on it. As far as the essence of the story, [James Gunn and Peter Safran] liked what we were doing and they respected the vision and what we were trying to do with the film," Soto tells GamesRadar+.

Soto continues, "They really did appreciate the fresh take, the nostalgic factor of how we start the film by taking the audience to see the family and fall in love with them for a prologue-of-sorts."

On that f-word – family, something Gunn would know all about after his Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy – Soto said he took particular care in making them feel like fully fleshed-out characters in Jaime Reyes' orbit.

"We didn't want to treat them like props. We want to give them arcs. They all deserve the attention that we give them. The love that you feel for them makes everything that happen more visceral."

Gunn had previously – and slightly confusingly – called Blue Beetle the "first" DCU character. While the cinematic universe itself will launch with DCU Chapter One: Gods and Monsters in the next few years, it’s clear that DC Studios is keeping a watchful eye over Jaime Reyes as he makes his first tentative steps onto the big screen.

Blue Beetle releases in UK and US cinemas on August 18. For more, check out the new superhero movies flying your way very soon. Then relive the DCEU with our guide on how to watch the DC movies in order.

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