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Bloodborne gets expansion-bundling Game of the Year edition before the year is over

There's still two months left in the year 2015, but Sony is apparently confident enough to grant (opens in new tab) "Game of the Year" to its exclusive monster-slaying simulator Bloodborne (opens in new tab). The From Software-developed title is getting a GOTY edition release in Europe on November 27, which will include the base game and The Old Hunters expansion, which releases on November 24.

The Old Hunters takes place in a nightmare world where Hunters of Yharnam's past are trapped forever. It will feature new weapons, gear, locations and enemies, but (as far as I know) no time-travel devices that will transport players to 2016. So really, it's less "Game of the Year" and more "complete" or "definitive" edition.

Given Bloodborne's prominence and well-earned praise, I wouldn't be surprised to see it eventually earn an actual Game of the Year award - it's just that announcing it in October seems a bit premature.

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Sam Prell
Sam Prell

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