Bloodborne fan-made remaster imagines the game on PS5 at 4K/60FPS

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(Image credit: FromSoftware)

A Bloodborne fan is showing what FromSoftware's classic action RPG would look like with a fresh coat of paint on PS5 and PC.

Of course, remastering a game is an art all its own. It might be pleasing to imagine a simple filter that just wipes away all the fuzziness and leaves the image crystal clear, but the actual process is a lot more complicated than that, meaning results will vary from one developer to the next. That being said, this is how tech gaming channel ElAnalistaDeBits interprets a Bloodborne remaster on PS5 and PC:

To be clear, this is just a demonstration and we have no indication that the creator intends to turn it into a full game, unlike the Bloodborne PS1 remake that you can actually play on PC right now. Here, the gameplay footage was touched up using various editing software, AI scaling, "and other hardware."

If you're looking for more Bloodborne, unfortunately, we haven't heard anything from the developers about a remake or remaster, as they're likely still pretty busy supporting Elden Ring. That said, Bloodborne lore is expanding in a new comic book limited series titled Bloodborne: Lady of the Lanterns. Check out our preview of the first book here.

Also be sure to check out ElAnalistaDeBits' other videos, like this one comparing the Demon's Souls PS5 remake (opens in new tab) to the original PS3 game, or this one that puts Horizon Forbidden West locations next to their real-world counterparts (opens in new tab).

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