Bloodborne is getting an official card game adaptation

Bloodborne (opens in new tab) is coming soon to a table near you; CMON Games and Eric Lang, designer on XCOM: The Board Game, have revealed an official card game adaptation of From Software's game about walking nightmares and the Hunters who slay them.

Exact details on how the game will work have yet to be revealed, but Lang wrote on Twitter that play is based not on the story, but on the game's Chalice Dungeons - semi-randomized dungeons with monsters, traps, and bosses lying in wait at the end. Players compete to kill monsters, with each session of play taking around 30 minutes. There will be no teensy-tiny Hunters to move about, but Lang nonentheless promises "sweet components."

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I'm a pretty big board game guy, and I love Bloodborne enough to have beaten it more than a dozen times, so count me intrigued. I just hope there'll be a bit less viscera and gore flowing in real life than in Yharnam.

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