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Blastermind: Now You Can Take Part 2


1 Simon Clark wrote the official sequel to The Day Of The Triffids - what was it called?

2 Barry Gray was the regular composer on which TV producer's shows in the '60s?

3 Who directed Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi?

4 Who played the first Doctor Who?

5 At what age were people sent to the Carousel in the book of Logan’s Run?

6 In Battlestar Galactica, what number model of Cylon is Leoben Conoy?

7 Who shot and killed Boone's sister, Shannon, in Lost?

8 With which other author did Terry Pratchett write Good Omens?

9 Who won an Oscar for his make-up effects for An American Werewolf In London?

10 What was the name of the unreliable supercomputer back at base in Quantum Leap?

11 Dr Donald Blake is the human alter ego of which superhero?

12 Who played the female Holly in Red Dwarf?

13 Blur's video for The Universal was based on which Kubrick film?

14 Which current A-list star got liquidised in A Nightmare On Elm Street?

15 In Battlestar Galactica, who becomes the President of the Twelve Colonies in the final episodes of the series?

16 What year did Skynet come on line, according to Terminator 2 Judgment Day?

17 What was the name of Angel’s son in Angel?

18 What was Pennywise in Steven King’s It?

19 Season Of The Witch was the subtitle of the third film in which series?

20 Pat Walsh provided what for Spielberg’s ET: The Extraterrestrial?

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