BLASTERMIND Who Lives In A House Like This?

Can you identify the famous sci-fi and fantasy houses in this week’s quiz?

And we’re not actually asking you “who” lives in them, because that could become a little complicated when it comes to the answers in some cases – though feel free to award yourself bonus no-points for naming the most famous inhabitants for the ones where the name of the most famous inhabitants isn’t the name of the film or TV show anyway.

All of which is just a rather long-winded way of saying: name the film or TV show .

Usual request: Please don’t put answers in the comments section below (though feel free to use it to boast/bemoan how well/badly you’re doing) but the folks on this thread are quite happy for you to post and discuss answers if you follow the golden rule of only posting answers in invisible text (if you don’t know how ask somebody there – they’re very friendly).

Answers on the next page…

Answers on the next page…

We didn’t actually ask for the names of who lived in the houses, because in some casses there may have been multiple possible answers, but we’ve listed the most famous inhabitants below just for interest…

The Munsters, The Munsters

Buffy Summers, Buffy The Vampire Slayer

The Halliwells, Charmed

The Cullens, Twilight

Sarah Jane Smith, The Sarah Jane Adventures

The Addamses, The Addams Family

Tony Stark, Iron Man , Iron Man 2

The Lovegoods, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part One

Number Two, The Prisoner

The Littles, Stuart Little

The Kents, Superman The Movie

The Lutzes, The Amityville Horror

The Ferriers, War Of The Worlds (Spielberg flavour)

Lord Sumerisle, The Wicker Man

The Buckets, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Dave Golder
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