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Another weekend quiz for you, this time on the subject of ghosts


All you have to do is identify the following films, TV shows or comic strips from the images below. And then, for an extra bonus point, see if you can identify which picture isn’t actually of a ghost, but something else supernatural.

Usual request: please don’t post answers in the comments section below (though you can use it to boast about how many you’ve got or moan about the ones you can’t get) but you may find this thread on the SFX forum useful. Be warned: they’re very particular about their whited out text over there, but follow that rule, and they’re a friendly bunch.

Answers are on the next page…




  1. Ghost Ship
  2. The Ghost And Mrs Muir
  3. Haunted Mansion
  4. Hex
  5. Randall And Hopkirk (Deceased)
  6. The Funky Phantom
  7. The Grudge (Ju-On)
  8. Field Of Dream
  9. Pirates OF The Caribbean*
  10. Poltergeist
  11. Raiders Of The Lost Ark*
  12. Rentaghost
  13. The Ring (Ringu)
  14. The Ghosts Of Motley Hall
  15. Ghostbusters
  16. Spirited Away
  17. The Frighteners
  18. 13 Ghosts
  19. The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King
  20. Haunted Tank
  21. The Sixth Sense

* Okay, made a slight mistake – there were two here there weren’t technically ghosts… But they were near enough for our purposes