Blackout's Hydro Dam has collapsed in Black Ops 4, flooding half of the battle royale map

Credit: Activision

Treyarch is releasing its third major DLC update to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 on PS4 today (arriving at a later date for Xbox One and PC players), and it brings a distinctly aquatic flavour to the Black Ops 4 Blackout map

The Operation Spectre Rising update, free to those who own the Black Ops 4 season pass (or available to purchase separately for those who don't), brings a new member to the roster of Black Ops 4 specialists available in multiplayer, and the character will be familiar to those with previous experience in Treyarch's history hopping series. 

Spectre is a silent assassin type specialist, equipped with a deadly katana that allows them to leap between enemies for a succession of fatal blows. The specialist also has the ability to see enemies through smoke, and is available outside of traditional multiplayer as a cosmetic outfit in Blackout. Check out the trailer for the DLC below. 

Speaking of Blackout, Black Ops 4's popular battle royale mode, the trailer shows that Spectre apparently blew up the Hydro Dam in the North Eastern corner of the original Blackout map, flooding the areas below and causing the ship in Cargo Docks to be swept ashore and tipped onto its side. 

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Naturally, this "Wetworks" update will bring a lot of changes to the nature of combat in Blackout, providing the opportunity for more underwater firefights in points of interest like Turbine and Rivertown, and placing more value on the rideable speed boats that can be found around the map. 

In addition, Operation Spectre Rising adds four new multiplayer maps, two new modes (Prop Hunt and Bounty Hunter), and three new Black Ops 4 weapons (the ballistic knife, Tigershark LMG, and Nifo'Oti Club) to the shooter's traditional PvP, alongside several cosmetic outfits, charms, camos, and character skins. 

Meanwhile, Black Ops 4's PvE zombies component is receiving a new Gauntlet mode... and that seems to be it, which won't help qualm the player base's ongoing complaints that this aspect of the game isn't getting as much love and support from Treyarch as it should. In any case, Operation Spectre Rising should keep Call of Duty fans happy for now, especially as the next game in the series looks like it's about to be announced anytime soon...

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