Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout map guide - What to expect from all 15 areas

Blackout map

The Black Ops 4 Blackout map was initially a game changer when the first Call of Duty battle royale mode launched, and it continues to be a vastly impressive map to this day. Thanks to Black Ops 4 coming to PS+, a lot of players will be jumping on for the first time, keen to experience the Warzone predecessor, so if you're wondering where the best places to start each match are, keep reading for a complete guide to the Black Ops 4 Blackout map.

Black Ops 4 Blackout map explained

Like Fortnite, Blackout mode's map is split up into distinct zones, each with their own name to make communication between teammates easier (though the names are a lot less fun than Fortnite's copious alliterations). And if you haven't already heard, these areas are mostly inspired by multiplayer maps from previous Call of Duty games developed by Treyarch. Educated guesstimates make the Blackout map slightly smaller than Fortnite’s and with the plethora of vehicles dotted around the map, you can traverse from one end to the other in a speedy fashion. You’re always at a disadvantage when you’re caught crossing open ground though, so let us help prepare you for battle. Here's a breakdown of the 14 unique Blackout map locations, so you can plan accordingly as you dive down to Earth in your spiffy wingsuit. 

Call of Duty Blackout map - Construction Site 

Let's start things off with the map’s biggest structure - Construction Site, which has a huge emphasis on verticality as you ascend the half-built Hotel Milovan. It’s a popular landing spot due to having so many floors. It’s feasible to land and loot up at the same time as another squad, without actually running into them if you’re not in the same area; the Construction Site really is that big. You can also ascend the stairs in an ATV, though we wouldn’t recommend it.

Call of Duty Blackout map - Hijacked

The only major update to the Blackout map so far comes in the form of Hijacked, the cruise liner map from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. It can be found near the shore on the western side of the map, directly north of Nuketown Island and south-west of Construction Site. It has a helicopter spawn on the eastern end of the boat, and there's multiple floors and rooms with a bunch of loot scattered about. Make sure you leave with plenty of time to spare though so you're not caught by the zone in the water!

Call of Duty Blackout map - Estates 

The northernmost point on the Blackout map, Estates is a lavish mansion with some recognizable landmarks. The fancy driveway and its iconic red spire are straight out of Black Ops 2's Raid map, and the house from Black Ops 3's Stronghold map is nearby. Estates could be the perfect place to drop in and bide your time before heading inland towards the new safe zone.

Call of Duty Blackout map - Hydro Dam 

The Hydro map from Black Ops 2 has been expanded into a gigantic landmark, and the high elevation makes it look like a sniper's paradise. Then again, you might be so distracted by targets below that you don't realize someone's sneaking up to gun you down atop the massive dam. And you better hit your shots accurately, because your prey can easily take cover by jumping into the water and swimming to safety. 

Call of Duty Blackout map - Train Station 

Situated in the middle of the map, Train Station really describes itself. Although it’s more like a train depot than a station. Parked trains are everywhere, each one containing numerous weapons and items. It’s a flat area so if you get in a fight here, make sure you use the trains to your advantage; dart between them, using them for cover before getting a tight angle on your unsuspecting adversary.

Call of Duty Blackout map - Asylum 

Call of Duty: World at War gets a shoutout with the Asylum zone, inspired by the map of the same name. The graveyard near this decrepit building lends itself to surprise zombie attacks, as you lure the undead toward unsuspecting players using the iconic Monkey Bomb. Also, make sure you don't get lost (and murdered) in the hedge maze just outside the asylum - it’s a regular spawn point for the famous zombies mystery box, which guarantees level three armour and a powerful gun in Blackout.

Call of Duty Blackout map - Firing Range 

The classic Firing Range map from the original Black Ops is undoubtedly the inspiration for this zone, which is smack-dab in the middle of the Blackout map. You'll need to have amazing awareness if you drop into this area, as threats could be coming at you from any direction. Little has been changed with the fan-favourite map except for being extended on each side.

Call of Duty Blackout map - Array 

Another centralized drop zone that's already a popular (i.e. life-threatening) spot, Array overlooks Nuketown Island and is most notable for its gigantic satellite dishes. The main building has been lifted straight out of the original Black Ops and dropped into this 100-player madness, except it’s now joined by a number of shelters and huts. Also, there’s far less snow on the ground.

Call of Duty Blackout map - Rivertown 

This little island of a town is perfect for a joyride in your military boat, letting you blast slowpokes on the shore as you speed by on the water. Like Hydro Dam, you need to be on the lookout for players hiding in the water, ready to fill you with lead if you so much as dip your toe in. 

Call of Duty Blackout map - Nuketown Island 

Perpetual series favourite Nuketown would obviously be coming back for Black Ops 4, and now it's got its very own island for close-quarters combat. Its buildings are looking worse off than ever, completely bombed out and barely held together - but you'll find people dropping here first just for the thrill of scoring First Blood due to how compact this zone is.

Call of Duty Blackout map - Cargo Docks 

Like Train Station (but on multiple floors), Cargo Docks creates plenty of opportunity for murderous hide-and-seek as you sneak around the myriad shipping containers. If you’re not a fan of the docks themselves, hop aboard the enormous freighter moored nearby for some boat-ilicious action.

Call of Duty Blackout map - Lighthouse 

Located just across the water south of the Cargo Docks, the Lighthouse was a previously unnamed area that Treyarch deemed worthy of its very own map callout. Another ideal sniping perch at the outskirts of the map, the Lighthouse makes for some deadly close-quarters shootouts if multiple groups happen to be hiding out inside. Watch out for zombies too, because the mystery box can spawn here and there’s nothing worse than a hoard of zombies climbing a lighthouse with no way to escape from the top.

Call of Duty Blackout map - Fracking Tower 

Flat and open is the name of the game at Fracking Tower, because the only cover is resigned to small individual huts. The place is a sniper’s paradise, with the only safe refuge being in a small underground facility. Loot is relatively spread out, making Fracking Tower an unfavourable place to land but a decent stopping point if you’re equipped with a long-range gun.

Call of Duty Blackout map - Turbine 

Named for the giant wind turbines that dot its landscape, Turbine is quite the treacherous dropzone, with its vast expanse that only thin structures and chunky rocks to take cover behind. It includes bits and pieces of the Turbine multiplayer map from Black Ops 2, and even has the same downed airplane thrown in for good measure. 

Call of Duty Blackout map - Factory 

Like Turbine, Factory isn't typically the kind of zone you'll want to camp out at - it's more like a pitstop as you head for safer territory. As the southernmost spot on the map, it's unlikely to stay protected from the storm for long, and making the inevitable run to another area leaves you exposed to fire from all directions as you sprint for dear life across the barren desert or wade through the water towards Fracking Tower. Only drop at Factory if you're ready for a challenge (or just really like huge smokestacks).

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