Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is gearing up for the public to get its first hands-on experience with Blackout mode, the series' take on battle royale complete with vehicles, collectible drops, and a shrinking safe zone that'll force climactic fights. The Blackout wave of the Black Ops 4 beta is slated to begin on September 10 at 10am PDT / 5pm GMT for anyone who pre-ordered on PS4, while Xbox One and PC players can join the fray starting September 14. To get the hype train started, Activision recently dropped the first real Blackout gameplay trailer - and with it, a picture of the complete map, which is the single largest multiplayer map in Call of Duty history. Check it out: 

Like Fortnite, Blackout mode's map is split up into distinct zones, each with their own name to make communication between teammates easier (though the names are a lot less fun than Fortnite's copious alliterations). And if you haven't already heard, these areas are all inspired by multiplayer maps from previous Call of Duty games developed by Treyarch. Between the names of the zones, the snippets shown in the gameplay trailer, and the references to fan-favorite maps from the past, we've actually got a good sense of what the Blackout map will entail. While we won't have the complete picture until we actually get to play the Blackout beta and see these sites for ourselves, there's a lot we can glean from existing images and trailers. Here's a breakdown of the 13 unique Blackout map locations, so you can plan accordingly as you dive down to Earth in your spiffy wingsuit. 

Call of Duty Blackout map - Construction Site 

Let's start things off with the gameplay trailer's grand finale - Construction Site, which has a huge emphasis on verticality as you ascend the half-built Hotel Milovan. As illustrated by all the squads setting up in the building, you'll be able to battle on multiple floors as you make your way up to the rooftop, which will evidently be doable in an ATV if the trailer is to be believed.   

Call of Duty Blackout map - Estates 

We get to see a sweet sniper shot lined up with the target running around Estates, a lavish mansion with some recognizable landmarks. The fancy driveway and its iconic red spire are straight out of Black Ops 2's Raid map, and the house from Black Ops 3's Stronghold map is nearby. As the northernmost point on the Blackout map, Estates could be the perfect place to drop in and bide your time before heading inland towards the new safe zone.   

Call of Duty Blackout map - Hydro Dam 

The Hydro map from Black Ops 2 has been expanded into a gigantic landmark, and the high elevation makes it look like a sniper's paradise. Then again, you might be so distracted by targets below that you don't realize someone's sneaking up to gun you down atop the massive dam. And you better hit your shots accurately, because your prey can easily take cover by jumping into the water and swimming to safety. 

Call of Duty Blackout map - Train Station 

We only get the briefest glimpse of Train Station in the gameplay trailer, but it looks like it'll lend itself to tense cat-and-mouse standoffs, as players dart between the rows of trains hoping to score a kill on someone peeking.