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Black Friday Walmart PS4 discounts 2019: what to expect from Walmart's lineup

Black Friday Walmart PS4 discounts 2019
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While Walmart doesn't have the lowest prices on games year-round, the Black Friday Walmart PS4 discounts are always among the best available in and around November. Last year, Walmart offered some red-hot PS4 bundles which sold out in literal minutes, and we're anticipating comparable or better prices this year. Historically, Walmart will go to great lengths to undercut competitors when it's discount season, and that means bigger savings for you. 

Like other retailers, this Black Friday, Walmart will be looking to move as much of its PlayStation inventory as possible because this will be the last Black Friday before the release of the PS5 in late-2020. The PS4 will officially be outdated after that and will likely receive a universal discount as a result, so retailers like Walmart are incentivized to sell PS4 consoles, games, and accessories now. Like, right now, by any means necessary. That means heftier bundles featuring newer games and steeper discounts to take advantage of this year. With all that being said, here's what we're expecting in the way of Black Friday Walmart PS4 discounts. 

And for more general offers, check out our guide to the Black Friday game deals for 2019. 

When will the Black Friday Walmart PS4 discounts start?

Black Friday is on November 29, but most retailers kick off Black Friday season about two weeks prior. Walmart is no exception, so you'll want to start watching for Black Friday PS4 offers around November 15, especially for the PS4 and PS4 Slim. Between the 500GB and 1TB variants, not to mention numerous games, expect to see plenty of console bundles well before Black Friday proper. PS4 Pro deals generally aren't as numerous, so they tend to appear closer to November 29 - but again, we're anticipating more and bigger bundles this year, and that could mean earlier PS4 Pro deals. 

Last year, the most popular Black Friday Walmart PlayStation deal was this $199 1TB PS4 Slim Spider-Man bundle. With a fantastic and (at the time) fairly new game, a 1TB hard drive, and a $100 discount, this is exactly the kind of deal to watch for around Black Friday. For reference, that same bundle is currently $320. So as you can imagine, this bundle sold out almost instantly. That's why it's so important to start hunting deals early.

Spider-Man PS4 Slim 1TB bundle | $199 (save $100)    
Get one of the best PS4 exclusives of the year and a brand new system to play it on all for $100 less than you'd normally pay for the system alone. View Deal

The trick is knowing when to buy and when to wait for a better deal. If you see a listing in late October or early November that's just tempting enough to raise an eyebrow, but it's by no means mind-blowing, you'll probably save some money by waiting a few more weeks. Worst-case scenario, you wait a little longer to get the same deal. So, what should you look for in Walmart's Black Friday offerings?  

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What is a good Black Friday Walmart PS4 price?

Obviously, this is partly a subjective question. If you're looking at three comparable PS4 Slim bundles with two games apiece, the best bundle for you will depend on which combination of games you prefer. That said, there are some firm price guidelines you can and should use to evaluate Walmart’s Black Friday PlayStation prices. 

On its own, the 500GB PS4 Slim hovered around $200 during Black Friday 2018, so this year prices ought to settle in the range of $175 to $180, and potentially as low as $200 for the 1TB model. That would be a great deal for a console alone, but what about game bundles?

The best PS4 bundle deals have a few go-to games: God of War, Marvel's Spider-Man, Horizon Zero: Dawn, Uncharted 4, and a few others from the PlayStation Greatest Hits collection. Last year, the immense and well-deserved popularity of Red Dead Redemption 2 earned it a spot in many bundles as well. We'll probably see many of those same games this year, as well as some of this year's hottest PS4 games. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Resident Evil 2 Remake are likely candidates. These are all great games, and we may also see newer releases like Borderlands 3 (out September 13) or potentially even Death Stranding (out November 8) depending on their reception. 

Think about the cheap PS4 game deals you're looking for ahead of time, and when you're evaluating bundles, consider how new those games are and how much they cost individually. For example, right now Walmart is selling the 1TB PS4 Slim for $260 on its own. It also has a $390 1TB PS4 Slim bundle that comes with Titanfall 2, Uncharted 4, The Last of Us Remastered, and Marvel's Spider-Man. Respectively, those games go for around $7, $20, $20, and $35. That's only $80 to $90 worth of games, making this bundle a really bad deal. So if you're looking for specific games in Black Friday Walmart PlayStation bundles, research and check their prices beforehand.  

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Will the Black Friday Walmart PS4 discount just be consoles?

Not at all. We regularly see plenty of deals on individual games as well as myriad accessories, from headsets to controllers. Here's what to expect. 

PS4 headsets 

As we explained in our guide to the best PS4 headsets, we've seen a steady stream of dedicated PS4 headsets and PS4-compatible multimedia headsets for years. The list of options is enormous, which means retailers have a lot of old stock they want to clear out on Black Friday. Walmart was in this camp last year, and you can bet it'll offer similar deals this year. Headsets are popular on Black Friday and often see discounts of 20-33%, with some older models going for up to 50% off depending on the brand. 

PS4 controllers

It's difficult to get a PS4 controller cheap, but Black Friday at least makes it doable. There are over a dozen varieties of DualShock 4 PS4 controllers at this point, and each time new models are released, the old models get a little cheaper. Just like with headsets, Walmart and other retailers will be looking to move old controller stock during Black Friday, so whether you're looking to replace a janky controller, upgrade to a flashier color, or grab a second controller for your Player 2, Black Friday will be your best bet. 

PSVR headsets 

VR has enjoyed a small but significant second wind this year, and today's PlayStation VR deals reflect this. We saw some incredible PSVR bundles last year, and Walmart had some of the best. One standout was this $199 package that came with Moss and Astrobot - two of the best games for PSVR - which now goes for $245. Expect to see more bundles like that this year, with potentially bigger discounts. 

PSVR headset with Moss & AstroBot | $199 at Walmart  
A headset and two of the platforms best games for significantly less than the headset itself - if you've been waiting to get into VR, now is the time.View Deal

Ahead of the Black Friday Walmart PS4 discounts, what's out now?

Most retailers are in a pre-sale lull at the moment, but if you absolutely need a PS4 right now, you're not totally out of luck. PS5 is in the air and the PS4 has had a lot of system-seller games this year, so there are some good bundles around. Here are the best PS4 deals right now: 

Walmart has some decent sales and bundles going on, too, and not just for consoles. Most of these don't offer huge savings, and it's unclear how long some of them will be available, but it's about the best you'll be able to do in September. 

PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB console | $259 at Walmart
If you're gaming on a 1080p or 1440p screen, the 1TB PS4 Slim is an excellent console. Due to a price error or a stock shift, Walmart is currently selling the 1TB model for less than the 500GB model, so you can get more space for your games and save money in the process.  

View Deal

PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB console | $349 at Walmart
For 4K gaming, you're going to want a PS4 Pro, and $350 isn't a half-bad price to pay. The PS4 Pro also delivers improved boot times and load times across myriad games and applications, making it a zippier system in general. View Deal

Black DualShock 4 for PS4 | $44 in cart at Walmart (save $16) This is the traditional, no-frills black DualShock 4, but it does have the updated light bar at the top of the touchpad. It's clean and iconic, and at this price, it's one of the cheapest controllers around.  View Deal

Crystal DualShock 4 for PS4 | $44 at Walmart (save $20)
If you like seeing the inner workings of your tech, this see-through crystal controller may be for you. Its crisp white shell lets you check out the boards, springs, and motion gyros that power the DualShock 4, and it's one of very few color variants that you can find below $50.  View Deal

Gold DualShock 4 for PS4 | $44 at Walmart (save $20)
Lastly, for something that looks a little more lavish but won't cost you any extra money, Walmart has the gold DualShock 4 available for a healthy discount.     View Deal

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