Bill Pullman playing Philip K Dick?

Back in 2005 at that year’s San Diego Comic-Con, the producers of A Scanner Darkly wheeled out a Philip K Dick android to help promote the film (he didn’t really help). But now with the droid’s head and other body parts missing, we must turn to a human replacement to play the author of Scanner in a new film.

Bill Pullman is that human and he’s in negotiations to play Dick in a new indie flick called Panasonic. It’s being directed by musician Matthew Wilder, who’s best known for the 1983 song Break My Stride. Having seen his musical stardom aspirations dashed by the fickle hand of fate, he’s now better known as a producer and songwriter. But he’s been working on Panasonic, which will feature a reality-blurring journey into the mind of Dick, a man known for drug-fuelled dimensional shifts. Sounds commercial to us!

Pullman himself is also busy – he’s staging a play called Expedition 6, which chronicles the real-life drama that saw three astronauts stranded aboard the International Space Station in 2003.