What rumored game are you most excited about?

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Summer is games reveal season, but despite all the big events there are still some rumored games we don't have closure on. What's Rockstar doing next? Where is God of War 2? Is the Silent Hill series trapped in an alternate hell dimension forever? We checked in with the team to find out what they're still holding out hope for. 

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Grand Theft Auto 6, obviously

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The fact that Rockstar recently made such a big deal about Grand Theft Auto 5 coming to PS5 suggests we're years away from even the smallest of GTA 6 teases, let alone its release, but plenty of reports and rumors have suggested the studio is now in the early production stages for its next entry in the award-winning open-world crime series. Just imagine what Rockstar can accomplish with the power of the next-gen SSD's, and what that means for the detail, reactivity, and processing speed of whatever urban metropolis GTA 6 will be set in. This thing has a serious chance at looking better than real life (especially given the state the world is headed in). Call me a technophile, but I cannot wait. Alex Avard

Whatever Sony Santa Monica is working on

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It's clear from Cory Barlog's twitter feed that the team over at Sony Santa Monica is making something right now. As much as I want to see whatever God of War 2 will bring us. Especially as we left our father / son duo with Ragnarok hurtling towards them, and Thor looking mightily cheesed off. But there's also the hints and rumors of something different. Potentially space or sci-fi themed. I'd love to see what the studio responsible for making me care about God of War would do with a brand new IP. Obviously we don't know much about what this new game will be, but if the 2018 God of War is the bar, I'm super excited about what's to come next. Sam Loveridge

The new BioShock

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While this one floats a little between rumor and the real deal – with 2K confirming that the next BioShock game is in the works – we know absolutely nothing about it. Which is actually kinda exciting.

It’s not often that such an acclaimed series has the world as its oyster but, on the back of Infinite, the possibilities are, well, endless. Whichever direction the new Cloud Chamber studio chooses to go, it’s safe in the knowledge of having next-gen processing power at its back with an entire generation’s worth of gaming lessons learned in the interim ready to adapt at its pleasure.

The Last of Us 2’s narrative excellence, Dishonored’s mind-bogglingly good level design, and Resident Evil’s shift towards first-person horror all feel like fine blueprints for BioShock to be inspired by. BioShock was already an all-time great series but now feels slightly antiquated in its approach – it could be about to become even better. Bradley Russell

Bully 2

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The original Bully is still a favorite, and I'd love to see Rockstar Games finally return to the story of Jimmy Hopkins - or kick off the adventures of any other delinquent student - as the rumors have been teasing for years. I think what made Bully stick for me is how fun it was to spend time in a carefully crafted Rockstar world that wasn't all about greed and murder and tongue-in-cheek pop culture parodies. Where GTA 5's suffocatingly cynical recreation of LA life was meant to be extremely Of Our Time, Bully was timeless. Having a small cast of characters (which worked out fine, since you couldn't murder any of them) also made it much easier to care about all of them. I would love it if Rockstar tried Bully again before it dipped back into Grand Theft Auto. Connor Sheridan

Uncharted 5

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Uncharted 5 is rumored to be in development. There, now it’s officially a rumored game. But I really can't see a world where this doesn't happen. The Uncharted series was such a huge success on PS4 I'm sure Naughty Dog would like to carry that on in some form on PS5. While it may be that they’re busy working on The Last Of Us 2 DLC, that’s not going to require the same size team as a full game so what do the others do? Uncharted 5! The Last Of Us 2 demonstrated just how much better dense jungle environments can look now but, let’s be honest, it’s a gritty, intense and at times emotionally exhausting game. But take those jungles and add in a handsome charming adventurer, an ancient treasure to discover and a side-kick to trade quips with and you have...well you have Uncharted 5. They can even use a flashback mechanic where Cassie is reading Drake’s old journals and reliving the adventures. You can have that one for free, Naughty dog. Heck I’d even take a game adaptation of the will-it--ever-come-out film at this point. James Jarvis

A new Mass Effect game to make me forget Andromeda

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As much I'd love a remaster of the original Mass Effect trilogy (and we all know that's in the works), what I really crave is a new Mass Effect title to get the taste of Andromeda out of my mouth. Back in 2019 there were rumors that a new game was in very early development at BioWare Edmonton, and Casey Hudson has been dropping hints and old concept art more often than I drop money on Lady Gaga merch. 

As much as I love my Commander Shepherd and the crew I built up around her, I think the next Mass Effect game should take on an entirely new story. There's a massive universe at our disposal, let's mix in some variety, eh? We don't need to play as a human, or retread the same Reaper/Collector storyline. Give me the First Contact War and let me play as an asari justicar, and I'm happy. Alyssa Mercante

The Metroid Prime Switch trilogy that retailers can't shut up about

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Games are often leaked through early placeholder posts from online retailers, but non-existent games are just as often dangled in everyone's faces by retailers who jump the gun. At this point, I'm not sure where the Metroid Prime Switch trilogy falls on that spectrum. On the one hand, reputable sources have suggested that the Switch trilogy is not only inevitable, but basically already finished. On the other hand, multiple retailers from all over the world have listed the trilogy for Switch at various points over the past two years, but none of them have gotten it right. 

Metroid Prime still isn't playable on Switch, and that's a damn shame. I can only speak to the first two, but they're both absolute classics that deserve a spot on Nintendo's best console ever. The fact that I can only speak to the first two is also a big part of why I hope the Switch trilogy is real. I never got to play Metroid Prime 3 and I'm certainly not gonna buy a Wii right now, so I'd love the chance to catch up on the series before the release of Metroid Prime 4. Austin Wood 

Silent Hill and/or Silent Hills

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My hopes for Kojima's PT to become a full game had turned to dust when whispers of a Silent Hills revival and Silent Hill reboot surfaced earlier this year. I don't think I've ever been more excited about a horror game that hasn't been confirmed. Rumors say the Silent Hills revival would give Kojima complete creative freedom and - get this - feature PlayStation VR support. I shudder to think of that level of immersion with a game like PT, but that's the name of the game for horror fans: taking pleasure in being scared silly.

Earlier rumors, which prompted a response neither confirming nor denying them, point to two separate Silent Hill games being considered: one a soft reboot of the series, and another an episodic "Telltale/Until Dawn-style game." Most of the rumors seem to largely agree with each other, but nothing's been confirmed yet. I was holding out hope for an announcement at this month's PS5 reveal, but for now it seems I've got nothing but periodic rumors to cling to. Jordan Gerblick

AEW can take us grap to the future

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I’ll go with a complete outlier and select the AEW video game. AEW stands for All-Elite Wrestling, and is the big new rival to WWE, having signed up a host of under-utilised talent from the better-known fed over the past 12 months, such as reigning champ Jon Moxley (formerly known as Dean Ambrose). AEW is strongly rumored to have held talks with Syn Sophia, the Japanese studio which developed N64 cult classic WWF No Mercy in its previous guise of AKI Corporation, about developing its debut video game. That’s huge news. A genre-changing mainstream grappler is long overdue, especially after the disaster of WWE 2K20 and subsequent cancellation of WWE 2K21, and AEW’s sim has a great chance of being just that. I’ll stop with the acronyms now. Other than ‘FFS’, if the Syn Sophia rumor proves false. Ben Wilson

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