Big Bucket Studios turning iPads and iPhones into consoles and controllers

Love the iPad, butfind that it just can't compare toconsole gaming? App developer Big Buck Studio is working on a more 'console-y' solution which will allow for portable games to be streamed to nearby TVs and controlled with iPhones and iPod Touches.

According to Big Bucket's Matt Comi, the idea is in development for version 1.3 of their iPad game, The Incident,with the goal being toreplicate the feeling of old-school console gaming.

"My goal with 1.3 was to make it possible to treat the iPad as a console; plug it in, start the game, sit on the couch. No more interaction with the iPad is necessary. For example, if connectivity is lost for any reason, the iPad will automatically pause the game and start looking for another controller. Totally seamless," explained Comi.

Tethering the iPad to the TV may seem counter-intuitive to the whole portable movement, but idea is sound and, if done right, it open the door for a metric ton of retro gaming goodness.

You can follow the complex process atBig Bucket's blog.

Nov 10, 2010


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