Beyond Good and Evil 2 just got a new lead writer 5 years into development

Beyond good and Evil 2
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Beyond Good and Evil 2, the ever-elusive sequel that was first announced way back in 2008, has a new lead writer.

The sequel was first confirmed 14 years ago, but as early as February of this year it was still in pre-production after at least five years in development, according to Bloomberg. Ubisoft itself has assured that the game is still in the works, and now we're seeing a major development with former Blizzard narrative designer Sarah Arellano confirmed as Beyond Good and Evil 2's new lead writer.

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Arellano previously worked on World of Warcraft and the upcoming Saints Row reboot. Now she'll be partly responsible for figuring out how to continue the story of the 2003 original Beyond Good and Evil, in which an investigative journalist named Jade teams up with a resistance movement to foil the plot of a sinister alien conspiracy. The player character switches from Jade, the photojournalist, to her various allies throughout the game, and you're tasked with solving puzzles, fighting off baddies, and collecting evidence.

Since it's been so long since we've last heard from Ubisoft about the sequel, I can't confidently say what the sequel will be about, or whether it'll star Jade as the protagonist again. Back at E3 2018, Ubisoft said Jade wouldn't be the main character, but since the game's apparently still in pre-production and with a new lead writer attached, that could've easily changed between then and now.

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