Beyond Good & Evil 2 is lifting its space-curtain for a live stream on Thursday, here's how to watch

A monkey man rides a flying tuk-tuk in Beyond Good & Evil 2.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 didn't disappear after its impressive (and very long-awaited) debut at E3 2016, but most of the updates from the developers since then have been pretty low-key: concept art, bits of lore, that kind of thing. The creators will peel back the veil a little bit more with their second "Space Monkey Report" live stream on Thursday, and it should be something to look forward to for just about any kind of Beyond Good & Evil fan. Unless you're hoping for a sequel to Nietzsche's philosophy book… I don't think the stream will have much for you in that case.

Where can I watch the Beyond Good & Evil 2 live stream?

I got you, space-pirate buddy. You can watch the Beyond Good & Evil 2 live stream right here as soon as it begins. Or stay glued directly to Ubisoft's Twitch channel if you prefer.

When can I watch the Beyond Good & Evil 2 live stream?

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The stream will begin on Thursday, May 3rd at 9am PDT / noon EDT / 5 pm BST. Ubisoft didn't say how long we should expect the stream to go, but the last one went for just over an hour.

What will the Beyond Good & Evil 2 live stream be about?

Ubisoft hasn't revealed what the focus of the second Space Monkey Report will be, so… I dunno. But! We can take a look at some of the highlights from the previous stream to give us a clue of what kind of things we may see this time. Here's a neat look at the character creation system used to make human-animal hybrid characters:

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And here are some of the vehicle designs that were on show. I love the juxtaposition of idiosyncratic, weathered designs and modular construction!

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There was also a loooot of talking. But as long as there are a few tantalizing morsels like the above, it should be worthwhile. And let's be real, Michel Ancel's accent is cute is hell, so it should be worth it for that alone.

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