The best user-created ships in Resogun

Companion Cube

Brilliantly modeled, this Companion Cube of Portal fame looks exactly like a Companion Cube should. Sure, it could have some colour variation for shading around its extremities, but I'm not complaining. It will save all the humans... except the ones who are dead.


Chibi-Superman would be more like it, but either way, this is awesome.


What a Rare ship design that is...

Magical girl

She's riding on a magic broomstick, with magical sparkles around her. That's magic, that is.


It's the Space Balls camper van, of course.


Red Dwarf's shuttle looking awesome in voxel form.

Angry Bird Rojo

I don't like Angry Birds. But this is a decent 3D interpretation of one. And hey--you can always just get it blown up a lot. Right?


Oh this one's brilliant! And not just because it was made by our very own Iain 'Mr Trophy' Wilson, honest. It's from Adventure Time, of course.

wow, very doge

Resogun needed more doge. Now it has it.

Borg Cube

Reso of Gun.

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